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Being able to affirm the children in the foster system that they are worthy of receiving love is one of the most rewarding feelings that we have ever felt.

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Our passion for advocating for foster children stems from meeting and caring for our current foster sister, Coco Our family got involved in Coco’s life when our mother, an OBGYN, was invited on the Dr. Phil show to explain to Coco’s mom about the consequences of using heroin and crystal meth every two hours of her pregnancy for seven months.

This was the first time that Coco’s mom had seen an OBGYN, and our mother felt inclined to care for Coco’s mom and deliver Coco for free. Once Coco was delivered, she went into withdrawal from the drugs that she had grown addicted to, as the intoxication from being in her mother’s system wore off.


Before Coco could have made any choices for herself, she was having seizures due to intense withdrawals at two days old. The day after she delivered Coco, our mother found her by herself in a dark room at the surgery center, shaking, without a mom or a chest to rest on. 


At that moment, our mother decided that we would take foster custody of Coco rather than let her go into the foster care system.

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Meeting Coco changed our lives and opened our eyes to the cruelty and injustice that destroys innocent lives through neglect, trauma, and poverty. We decided to start Coco’s Angels in order to be an advocate for voiceless children like Coco, who deserve a fair chance at life without falling through the cracks of the foster care system.

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